Christian Ballund
Managing Director


Michelle Charlton
Head of Secretariat


Chris Damm
IT Manager & Pipeline Instructor


Line Riis
Administrative Staff


William Rohden
Instructor & Short course manager


Halfdan Wright


Birk Møller

Peter Thomasen
3D Fundamentals Instructor

Guest Teachers

Jakob Kousholt

Jake Kousholt is a former student at Truemax. He is a digital sculptor and artist who is working primarily in visual effects for the film industry. Jake is currently employed at Industrial Light & Magic as a Senior Creature Modeller on projects such as Star Wars Episode 8. Previously he has worked for a variety of studios including Framestore, Double Negative and MPC.
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Michael Easton

Michael Easton has been working in the industry since 1993 and has been an SR/Lead at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) since 1997. Some of his film credits include: Star Trek, Avengers, Rango, Transformers Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion Witch Wardrobe, Jurassic Park III, Star Wars trilogy, War of the Worlds, Hulk &  Harry Potter II, III, VI. As well as film, Michael also worked on a variety of award-winning commercials at ILM both in Animation and Lighting.
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Ilan Hatukah

Ilan Hatukah, is a 2D animator, storyboarder and animation director. He has worked as a storyboarder and animator on Go, Hugo, Go! (Jungledyret Hugo) and as an animator on Disney animation films: The Beauty and the Beast, Mulan and Tarzan.
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Martin Kramme Guldbaek

Martin currently work as a freelancer, designing and building characters, creatures and environments. He have more than 15 years of experience in building and developing creative companies and Intellectual properties, concentrated around digital media and entertainment. He have a broad practical background and extensive hands on experience.
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Tonni Zinck

Tonni’s career in animation and VFX spans 16 years, from 2d animation at A-Film in the 90’s, to VFX Supervisor, CG Supervisor and Animation Director at Radar Film and Nice Ninja.  He has worked in a broad range of mediums and formats within the industry, and  his skillset extends far outside of CG and animation to film, photography and everything else in between.
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Søren Kurgan Jacobsen

Have been working in CGI and Visual Effects the must of his adult life. Since 1996 he has been teaching at eg. Viborg AnimationWorkshop, MultimediaScience at University of Southerne Denmark and as guest teachers at Truemax.
He also have been working at Ghost as TD, LEGO redoing their pipeling for building instruction, and digital/virtuel models.
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Erik Schmidt

Erik Schmidt initially aspired to become an architect but an unexpected twist of fate landed him a job in an animation studio as a placeholder before he could begin his studies. This would turn out to become a fully fledged career, spanning over 13 prestigious feature film productions, including The Prince of Egypt and Spirit, Stallion of the Cimaron for Dreamworks and Disney’s Bolt.
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Danielle Danko Angelozzi

Danielle Danko is a ZBrush Certified Instructor, and under this role he has participated to various workshops, classrooms, and realized a series of commercial online tutorials. He has worked on various small projects including videogames, feature films, rapid prototyping, modeling for prints. Danielle’s main technical skills include XSI, ZBrush, Photoshop and 3d Studio Max.
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Steven Stahlberg

Steven is born in 1959, and is internationally acknowledged as one of the world’s best CG artists. Know for the supermodel Webbie Tookay and the picture “One Last Time” (AKA “Fairy and Snake”) that was given an award in the global successful EXPOSÉ 1 book where it also was the cover image. Steven has worked for Digital Anvil, on Electronic Art games NSFU, Defjam Smackdown, the Sims and others; on Disney’s Rapunzel; on the animated feature film ‘Anne Frank – A life to remember’, and on an animated TV series.
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Daniel Hartlehnert

Daniel started working in the industry as a 3D generalist in 2000. While doing an apprenticeship as a digital media designer from 2004 to 2007, he started to work as a Motion-Graphics Artist.Finally, finding his true passion for Compositing in 2008, he became a Nuke Compositing Artist and continued to work as a freelance Compositor since late 2009. His scope of work includes a wide variety of projects such as corporate films, tv commercials, educational videos, trade shows, print campaigns, online configurators and feature films.
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Duylinh Nguyen

Duylinh has worked with companies such as Ubisoft Entertainment and 2K Games Marin. He has worked on titles such as the Brothers in Arms franchise, Bioshock 2, Mafia II and many more. Duylinh is currently teaching 3d character modeling, rigging and shading at The Academy of Art University and The Art Institutes of California – San Francisco.
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Lee Griggs

Lee Griggs has worked in 3D production since 1998. He has worked in areas such as TV, film, game cinematics, aec, automotive and product design.He worked as a rendering specialist at ARTVPS for 8 years, servicing and training companies worldwide using 3ds max and Maya. About Lee; Maya Master 2004, Autodesk Artist of the Month – July, 2014, Certified mental ray training from Mental Images, Berlin and LA, Certified Spheron HDRI camera training from Spheron, Hamburg, XGen work featured on Discovery Channel and more…
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Kim Hagen

Kim Hagen Jensen is a Director, Storyboardartist, and Illustrator.
A few titles from a long resume are:
Director of the animated feature film Minna and The Dreambuilders
(in development)
Director of the animated short film Chrashlanded
Director of the animated short film “Will-Bot in Friend or Foe”.
CO director on the animated feature Snowflakes. (in development)
Director of the Marco Macaco promotion shorts.
Animation sequence directior on “White slaves” a documentary TV series.

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Thierry Capezzone

Has worked at Splint and Co. (Spirou in Belgium), on Smurf as background artist and at an Animation Studio as 2D artist. He has created many comic book characters and since 2003 has been working on HC Andersen Junior, which has received many prizes and has been published in many countries. In 2004 and 2005 he received the prize for Best Comic Book Drawer in Denmark, in 2007 the prize for Best Comic Book for the Young Public in France at the Alsace festival and in 2010 the Popular Prize in Norway.

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Darren Thomas

Darren has worked in a number of creative industries using his design education to inform the creative process. Having started in the toy industry he then moved into the digital world as an artist in the then young gaming industry. After that he moved into the visualisation sector and then into the world of advertising. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience whilst developing the talent he meets at Truemax, whilst continuing to work in Copenhagen’s creative industries.

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Emile Ghorayeb

Ghorayeb is a highly recognized and seasoned animator having contributed to many prominent projects, like some of the more central and challenging hero shots in Transformers: Dark of the Moon as well as Transformers: Revenge The Fallen. His credits include and are not limited to such successful films as Shrek 2, Madagascar, Over The Hedge, Shrek the Third, and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Also, he’s directed all animation in the cinematics for the Halo franchise. Published in several books and nominated as a Maya Master and 3dsMax Master (Siggraph 2008), Emile is an experienced leader and mentor to the multiple animation teams he’s led, and has a master’s command of the latest tools in the industry.
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Isaac Kerlow

Isaac Kerlow is a pioneer in the use of digital technology for animation and visual creation. From 1997 to 2003 he played a leading role at The Walt Disney Company in efforts related to 3D computer animation, digital cinematography, and digital production with new media. Isaac also led the group of digital animators and artists at Disney Interactive that developed and produced CD-ROM, on-line and platform games. Before joining Disney in 1995 Isaac spent a decade at Pratt Institute in New York where he was a tenured professor and the founding chairman of the Department of Computer Graphics and Interactive Media. Isaac is also the author of several books, including the third edition of “The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects” published in 2003 by Wiley.
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Jakob Hjort Jensen

Jensen worked as an assistant animator at A-Film studios in Copenhagen, honing his craft on several commercials and features such as Asterix Conquers America, Jungle Jack, and All Dogs Go to Heaven 2. Later he worked in London at Amblimation Studios on the feature Balto. Relocating to the US, Jensen worked for DreamWorks Animation since its inception in 1995 with credits as Character Designer on Over the Hedge and Animator on the studio’s animated films The Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Madagascar and Shark Tale. He acted as the Senior Supervising Animator on the title character, Sinbad, in DreamWorks’ animated action adventure Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas and as Supervising Animator on the main character, Hiccup, in DreamWorks’ How to Train your Dragon.
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Ian Back

VFX supervisor since 2006, colorist since 2004 and compositor since 2001.

Ian has been involved in filmmaking from the age of 14. Directed 4 short films, edited for many years. He is also Slowmotions crafty and technical brain, feels with the storytelling and loves when all film elements fuse into the most immersive experience possible.

Habib Zargarpour

After working as a graphic artist and fine arts illustrator, Habib joined Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) as a technical director on The Mask. He went on to earn many credits as an Associate Visual Effects Supervisor while at IL, but still likes to paint with real brushes once in a while to maintain his sanity. Habib is among much other known for MelBotWars, The Perfect Storm, Star Wars: Episode I.
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Meats Meier

Meats taught the first ever ZBrush course at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and is the author of the very popular “Introduction to ZBrush” training produced by the Gnomon Workshop. He has also worked as an airbrush artist, lead artist at a video game studio (Beyond Games), and has had a successful career as an independent artist and illustrator. Also know for Sky Captain, the World of Tomorrow and Hellboy.
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Moayad Fahmi

Co-founder of Truemax. Parallel to Truemax, Moayad made various projects as Director and Animator in the 3D production company Truemax studios – i.e. commercials, character design, an Education DVD, music videos and CGI Supervision.
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Cameron Miyasaki

Cameron Miyasaki has worked on such films as “Finding Nemo”, “The Incredibles”, and the upcoming feature, “Cars”. Cameron was hired by Pixar Animation Studios in 2002 following internships with Sony Pictures Imageworks and Pixar.
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Scott Easley

Scott Easley is one of the eight original members of Oddworld Inhabitants, and has served as Senior Animator for Abe’s Oddysey, Abe’s Exodus, and Munch’s Oddysee. He has won two Emmy’s for the animation and writing of a television commercial in San Diego. His computer-rendered illustration work has appeared in Marvel Comics, and the science-fiction magazine “Heavy Metal”. He has also given classes on animation and been a guest speaker at California Polytechnic University, GDC, (Game Developer Conference), and the 3D Festival in Copenhagen, as well as the Senior Animator for Electronic Arts Los Angeles’ “Medal of Honor” series.
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David Short

David Short contributed to the Oscar® winning visual effects of “The Golden Compass” working at Framestore-CFC as the Lead Rigger for all the polar bears. Working with computer graphics since 1998 David has worked on feature films including “The Golden Compass”, 3 Harry Potter films, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Happy Feet” and “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”. He has also worked on more than 30 television commercials, 8 TV shows and 4 computer games in roles ranging from Lead Rigger and Lead Technical Director to 3D Animator. With this experience David has become a Creature and Character specialist.
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David Smith

David has been working as a professional CG animator since 1997. He has animated at effects houses as well as character animation studios; among them, Rhythm & Hues, Digital Domain, Warner Brothers Feature, Sony Imageworks, Nickelodeon, and is currently a character animator with Pixar Animation Studios. He is credited as an animator on such films as Babe 2, Stuart Little, Stuart Little 2, Lake Placid, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Osmosis Jones, Matrix 3, The Incredibles, Cars, & Ratatouille.
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Don Crum

After graduating and working two years as an industrial designer, Don was hired by Walt Disney Feature Animation to work on the feature film, Mulan. Working in traditional hand-drawn animation, Don continued to work at the Disney studio on such films as Beauty and the Beast: Special Edition, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch, and Brother Bear. In 2004, Don was hired at Pixar Animation Studios where he transitioned to computer animation and has worked on the films, Cars, and the Academy Award© winning Ratatouille. Additionally, Don has worked on the Pixar animated short films, One Man Band and Your Friend the Rat. He most recently completed work on Disney Pixar’s, WALL-E.
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And a lot more…

Habib Zargarpour, Meats Meier, Moayad Fahmi, Cameron Miyasaki, Emile Ghorayeb, Isaac Kerlow, Jakob Hjort Jensen, Ian Back, Scott Easley, David Short, David Smith, Don Crum

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