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In order to apply for the education program, the applicants are requested to submit the application form via the link below. The applicant must attach a motivational letter, and possibly a link to an online portfolio. If the application is accepted, the applicant will be invited to a personal meeting with the teachers, where it will also be possible to get a tour of the school and ask questions.

If it is deemed necessary, the applicant may be requested to fulfill an admission test. If the application is successful, the applicant is required to pay a registration fee of 5.000 DKK. This fee must be paid no later than three days after the enrollment at the education has been offered.

We currently welcome applications for start in August 2018  and  admission meetings  are held ad hoc.


Admission to the 3DDA education requires that the applicant has a completed a secondary education (in Danish it is called ‘ungdomsuddannelse’, e.g. tenth grade, gymnasium, professional education (teknisk skole) or a comparative education). The students are also required to possess a basic understanding of 3D graphics and animation as well as practical experience in applying this knowledge. Furthermore, the students must be able to follow instructions in English, and have a level B exam in English or similar.

Applicants with relevant material and prior experience can submit a portfolio / showreel along with their application. The portfolio must represent the applicant’s artistic and technical skills in 3D as well as in 2D. The portfolio must be no longer than five minutes long, and it should only contain the applicant’s best work. It should include animated pieces, turntables showing best-practice models, stills and pieces of conceptual art. The submitted material will be evaluated according to the style, humor and technical skills shown in the material. The portfolio can be submitted for example by providing a link to the applicant’s website, YouTube or Vimeo, or by using FTP. Remember to add personal information to the portfolio.

If the applicant does not have any prior experience or material to present in the application, the motivational letter must focus on dedication, determination and themes of interest.

Read the study program here: currentold

Read the student handbook  here.

Find the application form  here.


The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science has approved our 3½ year 3D Digital Artist education, which means that the students can apply for SU (state funded student grant).

For more information about SU and how to apply for SU, please follow this link.
Note that different rules apply for Danish and foreign citizens. Read more about this here.

Students from Norway can apply via www.lå
Students from Sweden can apply via
Students from Iceland can apply via

The Danish SU amounts to 6.090DKK per month for students not living with their parents and 934 – 2.593 DKK per month (depending on family income) for students living with their parents. Furthermore, as Truemax is a private education, students can apply for a SU-supplement of up until 2.377 DKK per month. Read more about the SU-supplement here. Finally, students can apply for SU-loans of 3.116 DKK per month. The presented rates are from 2017.


The following tuition fees are to be paid in the following rates, 10 weeks before the start of each term:

1st rate: 66.125 DKK
2nd rate: 62.825 DKK
3rd rate: 60.500 DKK
4th rate: 53.000 DKK
5th rate: 50.975 DKK
6th rate: 48.925 DKK (+1.500 DKK for study trip, if chosen.)
7th rate: 0 DKK (internship)

In addition the students are required to pay a registration fee of 5.000 DKK prior to the first term. The 5.000 DKK will be subtracted from the payment of the 1st rate.

These prices are from April 2018. We reserve the right to change prices and correct errors. A yearly price increase of up until 3% is to be expected.

Please contact us if you are interested in paying monthly rates instead of lump sums.

Bank details: Danske Bank Reg. No. 3001 Account No. 0016995487
SWIFT: DABADKKK IBAN: DK093000001699487

Book a non-committal meeting about your possibilities of becoming a student at Truemax

Do you wish to discuss the possibility of becoming a 3D Digital Artist at Truemax, or simply to have your portfolio judged prior to submitting the application?

We offer all interested and potential students a free and noncommittal meeting with an advisor at Truemax. At the meeting, you can present yourself, your skills and your desires, and you will have the possibility of discussing your portfolio. Along with the instructors, we will find out whether or not you are ready to apply – or if there are other possibilities for you to enhance your skills within our field. The meeting is also an opportunity for you to see our school and sense the atmosphere.

We have meetings on a regular basis, so we can surely find a suitable time for you as well. The meeting has a duration of approximately 30 minutes. If you are not able to travel to Copenhagen, we can also have the meeting on Skype. If you have any questions – or if you are ready to book a meeting right away – feel free to contact us: +45 70 27 77 87 or by mail.

For those of you who have already applied: If your application is approved, you will receive an automatic invitation for an evaluation meeting with our instructors as a part of the application process.

Book a meeting

Have a personal meeting with one of our teachers and learn more about our classes

Join an info evening

Join us for an info evening where all details about the academy will be revealed

Apply for 3D Digital Artist

Go directly to the subscripion form and apply online

Contact Truemax

Feel free to send us a message or write a question for us here

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