4. semester

Production 1

The whole class is divided into two groups. Each group will work on a production, which will be set up like a “real” production. Every student will be assigned a primary role/job title, as in a real production. It will involve a storyboard, manuscript, communicating the story, composition, camera techniques and figurative languages.

The production will primarily work within a traditional movie pipeline with a ”waterfall” structure. Additional emphasis is strongly focused on teaching the student how to communicate and collaborate; focus is also on work
discipline, planning and adherence to deadlines.

Through this project the student will strengthen his or her individual skills in order to reach a higher level of specialisation within the students chosen field, but still have focus on the whole pipeline.

Furthermore, one of the focus points during this semester is on how the student learns to communicate in a clear language in group work, as well as works while on real productions with all the challenges and setbacks a production can experience.
The production will set high standards for the student’s compliance with deadlines as well as being able to receive constructive criticism.

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Production 1 + Exam (30 ECTS)

  • Pre-production: planning, production flow, deadlines
  • Storyboard
  • Manuscript
  • Communication skills: working with producers, directors, supervisors and leads
  • Understanding how the pipeline works and the student’s role within the pipeline
  • Working with professional CGI supervisors on a daily basis
  • Post-production: Compositing & colour correction
  • Exam
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