2. semester

Short-film production, Group work

The second semester deals with more advanced topics such as character design and character modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering, compositing, animation and the various stages of the production pipeline and its optimal organisation. This is the first semester where group work is introduced and the student will plan a short-film of their own choice. We start out with concept drawing and storyboard – the basics of the pipeline. We work our way through the pipeline until we have a finished project that will resolve in a short film with full animated characters following the storyboard created by the group.

Students finish the semester by completing one individual project and two group projects consisting of a short animated film (approx. 30-45 secs) within a set subject. Each group consists of 3-6 students, and both the quality of the film and the team work in the group will have influence on the grade received.

The semester is divided into three parts:
A 10 sec. short film (character/acting animation),
A 30 sec. short film,
A 45 sec. short film (full production, except pre-preproduction)

The semester also gives the possibility of working together with students from the Danish Film Slochool, where we work on a project ending out in a short film.

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Subjects covered during the semester:

Animation/10 sec. shortfilm (3 ECTS)

  • 12 principles of animation
  • Cycles – walk cycles, run cycles
  • Action animation – hit, punch, kick animation
  • Lipsync and dialogue
  • Acting animation

30 sec. shortfilm (7 ECTS)

  • Pre-production – concept drawing, storyboarding
  • Production – modelling, texturing, animation, lighting
  • Post production – comp

45 sec. shortfilm (5 ECTS)

  • Working with a director – Possibly a producer, scriptwriter, sound engineer etc. as well
  • Production
  • Post production
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