1. semester

Foundation theory

The first semester is where the journey starts! Our students will start out by working with 3ds Max, in order to get introduced to the many possibilities in the 3D world and learn to work in a 3D program. In 3ds Max we will go through Basic Box modelling, where the students will follow tutorials with the teacher and learn how to create models starting with a simple box. Then we will learn how to “colour” our models – texturing – when colour and materials are added the model becomes alive! Later we will light up our scene and learn about shadows. This is also an important subject as it creates depth in our scene. When we start animating, we start with a simple object and get it moving. This is when we learn about the timeline and how to set keys, spacing and timing. Later on we will develop our animation skills and get a more complex model to move by creating walk cycles and realistic movements. Our students will also learn how to simulate – this could be a wall exploding, a Rube Goldberg machine or marbles moving.

From the very start of the semester the students will have weekly deadlines. All assignments must be handed in in a rendered version, either as a still image or a film clip. That is why rendering is a very important subject as well. We will go through how to set up different renders to give us different outputs of our work. Throughout the semester students will learn the basic workflow while working on their own productions. All projects on the first semester are individual, which is why we value self-discipline very highly.

After working in 3ds Max, the students will have obtained a good all-round basic knowledge of how to work with 3D. We will then introduce Maya, our main software program. Maya is used throughout the entire educational program.

This semester puts a great deal of emphasis on the technical aspects of 3D graphics but also focuses on the creativity and self-discipline of the student, who is expected to work independently and productively. The curriculum covers three areas: Theoretical, Practical and Self-study. The student will hand in three main assignments during the semester;

A 3D basic production (Handed in as a movie clip)
A moving image (Handed in as a movie clip)
One rigged game character – including five different poses

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Subjects covered during the semester:

3D basics (3ds Max) (14 ECTS)

  • Box modelling
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Animation
  • Simulation
  • Rendering
  • Basic production workflow

Moving image (Maya) (8 ECTS)

  • Drawing
  • Concept
  • Maya intro
  • Modelling
  • Texturing
  • Render/Light/comp.

Game Character (Maya) (8 ECTS)

  • Concept
  • Modelling
  • UV/Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Posing
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