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If you wish to take part in the fascinating world of 3D, Truemax Copenhagen Academy offers you a 3.5 year education, where you immerse yourself in the theoretic and practical aspects of film production, games and animation.

You will learn the trade, which will enable you to solve all aspects during a production, and you will get a solid foundation for rich career opportunities within the industry.

The education focuses on a generalists approach, where you will get the opportunity to study most crafts within the world of 3D, on multiple productions.

You will be instructed by professors from Denmark as well as from the rest of the world. At the academy, you will be a part of a dynamic and creative environment filled with challenges, deadlines and teamwork – all in a friendly manner.

Our education qualifies you to apply for the Danish state-funded study grant; SU. The academy welcomes students from all across the globe and offers state of the art technology and professors of the highest quality.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us here or over facebook.

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May 14th, 2019

Lygten 37, 2400 Copenhagen NV


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  • "I’d love to work with these people again and would recommend others to use the TRUEMAX academy students on their project."

    Petter Lindblad, Producer Copenhagen Bombay
  • At A. Film Production we are always looking for new talent and TRUEMAX academy is one of the places we keep a close eye on. Their education provides students with the necessary technical background that they could jump into our feature productions. Our TD and Rigging supervisor comes from a background at TRUEMAX academy and we look forward to following their new training program and the upcoming talents / students from TRUEMAX academy.

    Lise Ann Mangino, Producer A.Film
  • During the student’s internship at TRUEMAX Academy, I have found several talented 3D artists, without whom we could not implement the feature film “THE BIG BIG BEAR”. During the production of the film, several senior 3D artists, who are graduates of TRUEMAX academy, were used, and who are now spearheads within their disciplines. I’d love to work with these people again and would recommend others to use the TRUEMAX academy students on their project.

    Petter Lindblad, Producer Copenhagen Bombay
  • The school is an oasis of creativity in a very streamlined environment. The school has created the scenography, and we the students play the parts in order to create a good environment around the studies. It is a sort of a family room where you can enhance your own potential but still be part of a greater community.

    Mads Haystrup
    Mads Haystrup Student at Truemax
  • We have found TRUEMAX academy to be a good base for discovering new talent. TRUEMAX academy students are well versed in both software and workflows of the 3D Industry. They have creative capacity and room to grow into great assets for your work force. I highly recommend to keep an eye on TRUEMAX academy student output.

    Jacek Oczki
  • Over the years we have had the pleasure of hiring several artists from TRUEMAX academy. They have ranged from highly specialized people to CG generalists. We have been very happy with the expertise that these artists have brought to our team and we do expect to see more faces from TRUEMAX academy in the future.

    Jeppe Nygaard Christensen, CEO GHOST VFX
  • I have closely studied TRUEMAX academy’s education program and I think that it’s a really good program for giving the students good solid technical and creative ballast that will equip them to jump right into a job in the pulsating business life.

    Stefan Fjeldmark, Creative Producer / Director Zentropa
  • A significant part of our team at Nice Ninja is a graduate of TRUEMAX academy. Some of them started with us in their internship course, and because they are already technically sound from school and have a great creative enthusiasm, they could proceed directly to a position. Former TRUEMAX academy students are sitting today in key operational positions, such as Lead Character Modeler and Rigger Supervisor at Nice Ninja.

    Thomas Borch Nielsen, Producer Nice Ninja
  • Teaching at TRUEMAX academy was a great experience. The program is very professional, well run and offers students the skills and opportunities to enter the 3D industry in many disciplines

    Michael Easton Industrial Light & Magic
  • We educate generalists, which means that you will not only get a top quality basic education but also the opportunity to specialize during your studies. That gives a solid background and better opportunities to compete on the job market.

    Lars Bjerresgaard Krogh
    Lars Bjerresgaard Krogh Teacher at Truemax


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