Drawing course

– drawing and visual narrative.
Learn how to draw like a professional!

12 weeks, full time

You will get to:

  • Learn classic drawing techniques and work with visual narratives.
  • Learn basic skills within object drawing, figure drawing and perspective.
  • Focus on construction, design and image composition.
  • Develop and complete a professional portfolio.

About the course:

  • 12-weeks.
  • Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm.
  • For both new and experienced drawers and cartoonists.
  • Instructed by professional teachers from the industry.
  • Intensive teaching, and potential “homework”, which can be done on the school or at home. (It’s possible to stay at Truemax and work with assignments in the afternoon and evenings).
  • Great in connection with applying for creative educations (for example Arkitektskolen, The Animation Workshop, Designschools, etc.) or wish to improve drawing skills before attending 3D Digital Artist education at Truemax.
  • The course is completed with a student project.

Specific course topics:

  • Anatomy, body and proportions.
  • Perspectives and different techniques.
  • Basic chromatology.
  • Picture dynamic, moving objects.
  • Picture composition, visual narrative, illustration methods.
  • Character design, various styles from ”toon” to realistic.
  • Introduction to animation, cartoons and storyboards etc.
  • Introduction to digital drawing.

Next drawing course:

Course starts: Info coming up.

Course ends: Info coming up.

Price: 24.000 DKK (+1.000 DKK in registration fee).

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