3D Fundamentals Online

– a gate-opener to the endless possibilities in the 3D world.

At your time of convenience, up to 6 months

You will get to:

  • Learn 3D computer graphics at beginner’s level at your time of convenience.
  • Get a solid and well based knowledge of 3D productions.
  • Learn the basics of 3D box modelling, lighting, texturing, unwrapping, rendering and animation.

About the course:

  • The course is held in English.
  • The time limit is 6 months, but you may apply for extension of the period.
  • Consists of approx. 100 videos and tutorials, that will guide you through the program 3ds Max.
  • You will be assisted by a teacher giving you online tutoring, support and feedback within one working day.
  • You will submit projects and assignments for which you receive grading.
  • You can initiate the course whenever you want and plan your time of study as it suits you.
  • Can be taken by it-self or as a preparation for the 3D Artist Education at Truemax.
  • Doesn’t demand prior knowledge of 3D. However, it is necessary to have a basic computer knowledge as well as a basic level of English.

Specific course topics:

  • Interface: The general handling and workings of the software.
  • Modeling: How to model using spline, mesh, patch and poly modeling.
  • Texturing: Material Editor, UVW map, unwrap, procedural maps.
  • Lighting of a scene: Types of Standard Lights and their shadows.
  • Animation: Using the Curve Editor/Dopesheet.
  • Rendering, Editing & Sound: Scanline Renderer, Video Post.
  • Effects: Lighting, rendering and atmospheric effects.
  • Cameras: Target and Free Cameras and their functions.
  • Particle Systems: What they are and how to use them.
  • Animation: Simple animation and animation using controllers and modifiers.
  • Constraints and controllers: Expressions and position controllers.
  • Production pipeline: Making an animatic and its progression to the finished result. Planning the project.

Your 3D Fundamentals Online:

Course begins when you decide.
Course ends within 6 months of start.
Price: 25.800 DKK.
You can initiate the course 1-2 days after your sign-up.

NB for future 3D Digital Artist students!
If you take 3D Fundamentals Online and start the 3D Digital Artist education, you will get a 50% refund on the course, subtracted from the first instalment to be paid on the education (12.900 DKK).

One month extension: 3.270 DKK.

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