Welcome to Truemax

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, Truemax has specialised in teaching 3D, CGI and VFX for dedicated students since 1998. Truemax offers a 3,5-year full-time educational program, 3D Digital Artist, accepting students from all over the world. Additionally, Truemax offers shorter and tailored courses for both private and public clients.

During the 3,5 years of the educational program, students get involved with all aspects of the pipeline of both film and game production. Into the program the students gets to focus on their favourite area. In this way, Truemax-students have a broad understanding and respect for all functions in the industry. Hence, Truemax is a diverse school with a variety of profiles, ensuring a dynamic environment, with challenges, deadlines, teamwork and an atmosphere of collaboration across functions.

Truemax collaborates with recognised companies and teachers both nationally and internationally. This ensures that the educational program is continuously under development as the industry evolves, as well as it supports the students in finding the right internships and network. It is the goal of Truemax to educate strong profiles suited to meet the great demands required of workers in the VFX, animation and game industry, now and in the future.


Crash Landed short film

It is with great honor and pride, that we can show you all the product of what class 2012-2015 made during their 4th semester at Truemax. Crash Landed is a short film produced by Truemax and [...]

Michael Easton

We are saying a big thank you for two great weeks of character animation with Michael Easton. Michael Easton came to Truemax in order to teach the 3rd semester students for two weeks, and the [...]

Info Evening

Next Info Evening for our 3,5-year full-time programme ‘3D Digital Artist’ is on the 3th of November! We are looking forward to meet enthusiastic and potential new Truemax-students [...]